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    • Bottle Filling Machine


      This machine will simplify the process of filling bottles for products such as tinctures, oils, etc. The time needed to fill bottles will be greatly reduced, improving productivity. They also prevent the waste of product due to spillage and mispours.

      • Between 5-50 ml of liquid per fill
      • Shipping may take up to 6-8 weeks
    • EZ-Cap-Filler


      Use this device to easily fill 50 capsules in a batch. This filler is made for size #0 capsules. Fill with either liquids or powders. Box includes a filler body, a tamper plus a spatula.

      • Use with size # 0 capsules
      • For liquids or powders
      • Made from food grade plastic
    • Gel Caps + EZ-Cap-Filler


      Reduced price when you combine an order of gel caps and a ez-cap-filler.

      Deal includes:

      • 1000 gel caps
      • 1 EZ-Cap-Filler
    • Pre Rolled Cones


      We offer Small De Luxe Size 98mm Bio Organic ConesĀ®. Fill these cones using a variety of different filing devices on the market. The paper used in these cones are produced using no artificial fertilizers or pesticides giving customers a very clean smoking experience. Combine with these pre rolls with our doob tubes for more savings.

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