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Modern Packaging for the Modern Dispensary | Beyond the Baggie

In October of 2018, The Canadian government legalized recreational cannabis – making it possible to purchase, possess, and consume cannabis flower and cannabis oils throughout the country.

Since legalization, a tsunami of new players have been flooding the market with the legal dispensary business model – creating a sizable economic opportunity for the packaging industry.

These businesses of smokable cannabis, edibles & topical products use many kinds of packaging products and services, which pose a perfect opportunity for elevating their brand awareness aimed at this budding market. Suppliers are not only offering wholesale base packaging supplies, but some have taken the next step with offerings of customized branding and graphic design services. Enter Dispensary Supply Canada

The way in which legal cannabis is packaged today is a far cry from the dime bag packaging of illegal cannabis. Label guidelines are strict, and can prove challenging for businesses to promote with true creative freedom – in essence, how their products differentiate for others in the legal space. DSC takes careful consideration of label and packaging guidelines, and works to provide you with the best designs to compliment your business.

Since cannabis products cannot be promoted where the message may be observed by youth, this limits advertising to age-gated websites and 19+ locations. The real marketing influence that companies can leverage lies in a compelling brand experience, producing quality products, and cultivating enjoyable customer experiences that will support long-term brand loyalty.

Taking things one step further, recyclable packaging being a forefront in today’s hyper conscious consumer market, businesses are keen in providing sustainable solutions when packaging their merchandise. Many retailers in the space have begun to accept cannabis containers back from their customer base for recycling. Dispensaries and retailers now have the option, or obligation, for lack of a better suggestion, of being part of global climate change by educating consumers about their recycling efforts and promoting best practices. 

Reusing product packaging is one way to keep materials from ending up in landfill. Cannabis containers, branded or not, are generally ideal for reuse. They are often attractive, durable, child-proof and dishwasher safe. 

Packaging for the modern dispensary, though posed with some obvious obstacles, and restrictions can be a great way to amp up your product offering. Be paramount in your branding. Don’t be afraid to embrace the taboo nature of the market. Be environmentally responsive. Everyone respects a business that considers our amazing planet. Offer quick turnaround in production & delivery…if possible. People want things pronto, it’s the nature of the beast. Take this into careful consideration when souring where your packaging is coming from.

There’s an embryonic market out there to explore. Like any industry, there are game changers who are anxious to discover and promote the next best thing in the cannabis market. Don’t be shy to go and check out your local dispensary for new and exciting products.

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