We at Dispensary Supply Canada strive to offer a wide variety of cannabis packaging solutions. Save time and money by dealing with a trusted Canadian company.


We offer a variety of packaging solutions for many cannabis products offered on the market. We ensure your cannabis products are packaged in the appropriate packaging containers, ensuring freshness and retaining potency.



We offer a wide selection of cannabis production supplies. We are constantly seeking new and innovative products to assist Canadian cannabis companies in the production of various products. 



Concentrate packaging supplies are unique due to their use of non-stick materials. This makes them ideal for storing products such as oils, waxes or other extracts which are prone to stick to conventional storage products.




We at DSC have made it our mission to offer our customers dispensary supplies of the highest quality and lowest prices. Whether you are packaging flower, concentrates, or edibles we have you covered. Don’t know what you need? We will gladly help you assess your packaging needs. We carry bags, bottles, jars, pre roll supplies and packaging for concentrates and shatter. Our vacuum seal bags are a staple for any company shipping products online. Step up your brands presence with custom packaging for your cannabis products. Save time and money by purchasing your dispensary supplies from a trusted Canadian company.

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Quality Material

We at DSC strive to offer our customers the highest quality materials and products available in the dispensary supply industry. We understand the evolving needs of cannabis dispensaries and offer the best packaging options. We feel that using quality materials preserves the potency and freshness of your valuable products.

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Low Prices

Our ability to source the lowest priced supplies allows us to pass on the savings to our customers. We understand that business owners are constantly seeking cost saving measures in order to compete in this industry. We aim to offer the lowest prices on dispensary supplies in Canada.

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Customer Service

We pride ourselves on providing the best customer service experience possible. Our first-hand experience in the cannabis industry gives us the ability to assess a customer’s needs and suggest the best packaging options. Our in-house graphic designer will create or advise you on all your package customizations, making sure your brand sticks out from the crowd.



At DSC we offer a variety of solutions for your packaging and production needs. We stock mylar bags, vacuum seal bags and rolls, bottles, jars, packaging for shatter and other concentrates, pre-roll cones, and much more. Save time and money by purchasing your dispensary supplies from a trusted Canadian company. We continually scour the internet in search of the most useful and well-made products to offer you, our valued customers.


“We used to spend a lot of time looking for packages online, and they took forever to get to us. When we found out about Dispensary Supply everything changed, we now get all of our packages in one place. It saves us so much time and money.”

“We’ve been Dispensary Supply’s customers since the very beginning. We use their packages, their label design, and photography services for our house brand. They are always ready to help and they provide fast and reliable service.”

“Whenever we’re in need of design or photography, I know where to go: Dispensary Supply. Not only do they have the packages, but they also offer great services.
We keep coming back for more.”


“These guys make our lives so much easier!
They have all the packages that we need for our shop, and when we need something different they go above and beyond to find it.”

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